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Plans for winning and losing


I have concerns. They say that we will win this war. This is the goal - to win.  

 I have concerns and I have doubts.

We already have 1400 dead, and at least 212 kidnapped,  And over 100 are missing.

We have already paid a terrible price in the war. There is already a loss. Is it even possible to win?

It is important to raise morale, and tell people that we will win. But I have concerns and doubts. 


This war is the ninth war of the State of Israel. In two wars there was a clear victory in the War of Independence and the Six Day War. The victory is clear because we have definitively increased the territory of the State of Israel. Victory is not an ethereal concept. Victory is measurable. Without a measuring tool either side can claim victory. Victory can be quantified by achieving a clear goal. 


Maybe you can add the Yom Kippur War. A terrible war, but following the war peace was reached with Egypt. This peace agreement is an important achievement. The agreement continues to work to this day. Therefore, perhaps, even the Yom Kippur War is ultimately a victory. 


In all the other wars we conquered territories and returned them, in all the wars we signed agreements and they were violated. All these wars were losing wars. When you go to war without a final goal, it is probably a predictable loss. 


To win a war you need a clear target.  I'm afraid there is no destination in the "Iron Swords" war either.

They tell us we will win. We are told that we will kill the Hamas. Here I am afraid. Killing the hams is a vengeful but futile goal. All the 13-year-old children in Gaza will be new fighters in just 3 years. We are moral people, you cannot deliberately kill the children,  And you can't kill the hams.


Is it still possible to win this war - I think so. The goal is clear and measurable. The threat to the State of Israel from Gaza must be definitively removed. 


But what is the difficulty? The solution is not easy. The solution is integrated and complex. ToIt is possible to hypothesize such a solution: the terrorists should be killed,  and destroy all weapons of war. The families of the terrorists and the Hamas supporters cannot be left in the Gaza Strip, and they must be moved to another place further away on the globe. Otherwise the situation will repeat itself.  International support and assistance is required, this is in the interest of many surrounding countries. Hamas terrorism has global aspects. A clear separation must be made between the bad and the good,  The Palestinians who remain close, and want peace, must be preserved and nurtured, can be brought inunder my wings Israeli and international supervision mechanism. For those who remain, re-education is required. It is important to allow them a life of security and peace, and on the other hand, close supervision is important. 


Is the State of Israel able to take advantage of the window of opportunity, the war, to reach some goal? I have concerns.They still tell us - we will win. It is clear to us that in order to win, you need detailed planning, and consistent execution, and it is possible that there will no longer be a win.  We are not presented with a complete solution to the problem. They probably don't think about it. I fear that the ninth war, "Iron Swords" will end just like its predecessors. I am afraid that the people up there are not the right people to write the goal of the war, and to carry out the plan.

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