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How does the mind work?

aboutHow does the brain work?

​Why should we even understandhow thickD. the brain Ours?


coldIm dear, are you behaving as you want?

Describeand For yourself a world where you would understand yourself. Such an understanding may give everyone tools to overcome difficulties,  Failures, and mood swings. Even in difficult circumstances it is possible to live a life of hope, success and happiness. 

You will have an improvement in the decision-making process. You will feel an improvement in day-to-day management. Be complete with decisions, and satisfied with the actions and the results that follow them.

You can't get into other people's heads. Especially we would like to understand the actions of our relatives. But, if you know how the mind works, you can ask another person the right questions, and understand, to an extenta certain, his inner world. This is how it can be improved  Interpersonal relationships, and social behavior. call with people,  Very important, but very, very necessarybe careful

Caution is required in both the question and the answer. Caution is important, Because if you ask questions Incorrect, we may get incorrect answers. 

Understanding the mind is the basis for understanding the mind. The connection between the body and the mind is important for our health. Mood affects health and vice versa.  Therefore, understanding the mind is also important for health. 

Through a collection of, short texts, and other media - I will try to give an answer to fascinating questions, regarding the essence of the soul Ours as humans.

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